Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Do CLECs still have a chance?

Combine the ever shifting sands at the FCC with the empty stares from most state PUC offices and top it off with the termination of UNE-P this past week, what do you get? Some rather weak looking companies. CLECs have relied on low pricing for their value for too long.
  • How many CLECs offer Integrated T1?
  • sell VoIP services?
  • How many say they own their network when in fact it is leased or piecemeal?
  • How many call themselves Tier 1 when Tier 2 (or 3) is more accurate?
  • How many CLECs have an original offering?
  • A one-page bill?
  • How many offer more services than competent salespeople to sell them?
  • How many now call frame relay MPLS?
Additional thoughts:
  1. With the BOCs cutting copper pairs every chance they get, CLEcs are losing access to customers. Impaired COs. Special Access Rates. DLCs. Remote COs. No wonder everyone is praying that WiMAX lives up to the hype. (Sadly, physics is still physics and you can only do so much with X amount of power in Y unlicensed spectrum).
  2. With the BOCs in bed with the NSA/Intelligient community and getting special favors in return for special favors, don't you think that CLECs need a new strategy?
  3. Might be time for a company retreat to brain-storm some good ideas and get a focus on who you are; who your customer is; what he needs; and provide it. --->Please note: I'd be happy to accept that invitation!
  4. BTW, local CLECs are in a different position from regional CLECs, like ITC and USLEC. Marketing is easier. Face to face contact with the customer is more prominent. You can feel and know th emarket more intimately.

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