Thursday, March 02, 2006

BB Penetration, not Deployment

"Many U.S. households that do not have Internet service have reported they are not interested in going online anytime soon, a survey has revealed, raising speculation that Internet adoption might be on the cusp of a major slowdown.....Many stated that they do not feel the need to hook up the Internet at home because they already have it at their workplaces. Others noted that they simply are not interested in anything on the Web. And a smaller number, 8 percent, said they are not sure how to use the Internet. "
For similar reasons (I suppose), many still find dial-up to be sufficient. Hence, why the price of BroadBand has to drop to dial-up rates to get conversion. OR You have to tell a story about why BB is enriching. Do you remember the AT&T ads Reach Out and Touch Someone? That same approach will be needed to get BB Penetration. (It's not about deployment; it's about getting customers on the networks that are already deployed).

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