Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mike Powell at Silicon Flatirons

David Isenburg and Susan Crawford blog the Silicon Flatirons Conference in Denver this week. Former FCC Chair and son of Colin, Mike Powell was there. Isen writes:
" the most important remark Powell made was (and I paraphrase, I couldn't type fast enough): The Washington DC political process is more broken now than at any other time I've seen in my life. It has collapsed in on itself. I went home and asked my father [Colin Powell] if I was missing something, and he agreed with me that the process has collapsed into pure partisanship. The power of the incumbency has grown. People are not concerned with what's right or what's in the nation's interest, they are purely interested in killing their opponents."
I saw General Powell speak at the GetMotivated event last month in Kissimmee. He seemed very relaxed and forthcoming. He wants nothing more to do with politics. But then when you understand that "Leadership is about Problem Solving," you have a different view of the world anyway. Remember there is a difference between politician and statesman.

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