Monday, February 06, 2006

Forced Paid Peering

In the December 2005 issue of VON Magazine, page 49, the Legal Roundtable was about forced paid peering. In 2 years, better than 65% of all North American VoIP and Data traffic will be running on VZ and at&t. They will only have to peer with themselves. Everyone else will have to pay for peering with them. (Told you this was coming!) But a remedy is possible...... buy your IP from anyone but VZ/UUNET/MCI and SBC/at&t/ACC. Buy from QW, GX, L3, BW. (I rep them all :) Do as much secondary peering as possible with other ISPs, CLECs, the VPF, etc. That's all the warning left to give. We saw what the results of this could be recently with the L3/Cogent fight. Imagine having bandwidth from CLEC X who can't afford to pay for peering to the Big 2. Your users will not be happy. [It looks like the agenda of the BOCs is to destroy what they can't control. ID10Ts.]

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