Monday, January 23, 2006

Qwest's new DSL rules

"Qwest, which provides tens of thousands of customers with broadband Internet service directly or through third-party Internet service providers (or ISPs), notified subscribers that it plans to change its DSL agreements following a federal ruling that deregulates some types of broadband services. The changes could have a big impact on some DSL subscribers. Among other things, the new rules could technically prohibit small businesses (a coffee shop, for example) from providing Wi-Fi access to their customers. Qwest's rules also forbid DSL users from operating servers off of their accounts, something that many companies do -- though this rule is being revised. And if any spam e-mail is sent from their account, the user could be liable for a $5 penalty per spam message. Qwest representatives said the rules are intended to curb DSL users who consume too much bandwidth and degrade service for others." Kagan "added that he expects telecom providers to make other changes, such as surcharges for high-bandwidth downloads." Ah, metered internet. I guess Unlimited needs to be re-defined in Webster's.

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