Monday, January 16, 2006

Need for speed to cost Internet content firms

The Atlanta Biz Journal (as well as Atlanta Telecom analyst Jeff Kagan) are jumping on the Bill Smith (BST CTO) bandwagon now. Kagan calls it a good and necessary idea. I'm hoping this two-tier thing is only for DSL, because a DS3 Internet customer of BIG will not be happy without unfettered access. And can BIG afford to piss off its lucrative large biz customers who clearly give them more revenue than a hundred DSLs? What about Google, MSN, AMazon, eBay? Good time for them to buy GX or Qwest LD for a backbone and start connecting the nation by working with EarthLink/NewEdge and Covad/Nextweb. However, this will all fall apart unless cable follows suit. But it will also slow and/or stop broadband penetration which will eventually slow the e-commerce economic engine. I see bleak days ahead, unless a few Congressmen start to get it (or call me and I will explain it to you). ..... [Who's Jeff Kagan? The most quoted telecom analyst in America; see who he does work for... astro-turf]

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BellSouth Negotiating QoS Deals
Hoping Apple, Movielink, and Yahoo will pay -- DSL Reports: