Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jealousy to Destroy the Internet

Techdirt, Fred Wilson, and others are reporting that the heads of BST, VZ, and at&t might let their jealousy destroy their companies and the Internet (as we know it). Heavy debt, falling revenues, and lots of competition have the Tele-Barons scared. Cable is eating their lunch and has higher ARPU. The content companies like Yahoo!, Google and AOL are raking the ad revenue. The funny thing is that to wall the garden would make the phone company like Compuserve and Prodigy. And would be the opening that WISPs, IISPs, and CLECs need. If cable did not follow suit, Tele-Barons would lose. With the arrogance of the talking heads like CTO Smith, Ivan and Eddie, it certainly seems like they would move forward. What consumer would pay twice to buy online? Think what that would do to the PC market (and related consumer goods) as well as the economy. Globalization??? Will it just be DSL and FTTH that is walled? What about the MCI and AT&T backbones? ID10T's.

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