Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cavalier IPTV

Cavalier Telephone Launches Largest Mid Atlantic Broadband TV Network . Cavalier Telephone announced today that it will offer a full suite of video products to customers beginning in Richmond , Virginia this December. The service offering, called Cavalier Broadband TV, will allow users to receive 150 digital video and music channels, a full featured interactive program guide, on-screen caller ID, and digital set top boxes. Cavalier is the first provider in the United States to introduce the new "MPEG4" video technology, which allows video to be sent over Cavalier's existing fiber optic Broadband ADSL2+ network. Cavalier's Broadband TV service offering will be bundled with existing Telephone and Broadband internet service. Cavalier's "Triple Play" will offer local and long distance phone service, high speed DSL internet and 150 channels, all for $95 a month

1 comment:

Jerry Scroggin said...

what kind of bandwidth per channel? i assume that you calc this as 2 tvs per household.
is it standard def? what about high def?

ah still alot of questions.