Thursday, December 08, 2005

Consumers Need Internet Protection

You need to retain customers, acquire new ones, and differentiate yourself from the duopoly, right? Well, "Most Americans are Unprepared For Phishing Attacks". "Nearly a quarter of online people in the United States have found themselves the target of the online con artists, and roughly one in five knows a friend or family member who has been duped, according to the second annual survey by America Online Inc. and the National Cyber Security Alliance." Same survey, different headline: "PC users more vulnerable despite growing scams: survey " Are you getting the message out that you have Identity Theft Protection and Anti-Phishing mechanisms? AOL and ELN are (and you can hardly tell the two apart from the commercials). Are you letting Your Community know that You are the Internet, Computer and Networking Expert-Guru??? You don't know how? How about a weekly advice column (local/community/free newspaper or magazine)? How about classes or seminars? How about a Radio Call-in show or Hotline?

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