Sunday, November 06, 2005

VoIP E911 Compliance

Phone+ mag has a one-page article on the looming VoIP E-911 Compliance. "While some of the preliminary deadlines have passed, primary compliance with technical and reporting requirements must be completed by Nov. 28." In addition "VoIP, Inc. has announced a private network 911 service in anticipation of federal rules requiring Internet phone companies to deliver enhanced emergency calling capabilities by the end of November. The company is providing the network 911 service through its subsidiary, VoiceOne Communications LLC, and says VoiceOne is working with select carriers and service providers in 911 product trials. ....Some features of the service include redundant and geographically dispersed entry points for 911 features, private transport of the emergency call on the VoiceOne MPLS network, and a Web portal for the management of all 911 features."

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