Friday, November 18, 2005

Reinventing The Record Store

Techdirt talks about the fall of the record store. Bankruptcies of Tower and Wharehouse. Now Sam Goody is going to totally revamp stores. They realize they cannot make it selling CDs alone any more..... You see where this note is going? If records store realize that selling the same thing the same way, no longer works, how come so many ISPs and CLECs don't?? The same way that each MS Small Biz Server sale creates a job for a systems integrator; each broadband sale should be an opportunity for the local ISP. Maintenance, networking, add-on sales, filtering, backup, POV, accessories, etc. In the cellular world, the store gets a one-time commission of $200-$350 per activation, but the mark-up on accessories is over 50% (and that is where much of the income is generated).

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