Monday, October 10, 2005


Phone+ mag announces: "Ron Harden, former vice president of sales and marketing for Volo Communications, as well as former chairman for CompTel/ ASCENT, has joined VoIP provider VoX Communications as executive vice president of sales and marketing. Prior to Volo, Harden served as executive vice president for Grande Communications and director and COO for PointOne Telecommunications Inc. He also has worked for Williams Communications, WorldCom Inc. and WilTel Communications. VoX is the Florida-based, wholly owned subsidiary of eLEC Communications Corp., a CLEC in New York." Now, I don't know Ron Harden, but his resume is a list of anything but stellar companies - WilTel (twice), PointOne (one of my vendor partners), Grande, and the infamous MCI. Now as VP of Sales, wouldn't those unremarkable sales numbers be his responsibility? Again, not picking on him (because I don't know him), but this is emblematic of the industry. You get the same results, when you do the same stuff - no matter how many times you repeat the process!

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