Friday, October 28, 2005

Fred Goldstein's Great Telecom Meltdown

Fred Goldstein, from ionary consulting fame, has a new book out called The Great Telecom Meltdown. Fred is a CLEC consultant and huge contributor to the listservs. The guy knows his stuff. He has a some interesting articles on his site, like his take on IMS / IPSphere; and his take on the Madison River Port Blocking ruling. It should be an interesting read. (Need some help as a CLEC? Contact Fred).
"ionary Consulting and BackUP Telecom Consulting have jointly created a checklist to assist Competitive Local Exchange Carrier clients in getting their facilities-based networks up and running quickly. This is especially useful for startups, for DSL providers seeking to add voice service, and for UNE Platform carriers seeking to migrate to UNE Loop operation."
  • As long as I'm mentioning telecom reading, Leslie Cauley from USA Today released her book recently, End of the Line : The Rise and Fall of AT&T. (Maybe SBC CEO Ed Whitacre should read both books, so history doesn't repeat itself.)
  • And lastly, Bruce Kushnick of TeleTruth is finishing up his book, "Broadband Scandals: You're Owed $1000.00. Please Read On..." to be self-published by Christmas. It tells the bloody tale of the lies and deceit of the Tele-Barons and how they robbed consumers of billions of dollars as well as our broadband future. (He has tons of data, memos, press release as proof).

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