Friday, October 28, 2005

DSL Closing Cable Gap

DSLReports: "Thanks to low-cost baby bell introductory offers, analysts predict DSL will continue to gobble up a majority share of new broadband customers, reports Forbes. Broadband market share is now 58% for cable and 42% for DSL, versus 61% cable and 39% DSL a year ago. One firm predicts a 52% cable and 48% DSL split by 2010." Best forum comment: "...who do I want to get screwed by, Comcast or SBC?" That about sums it up thanks to our FCC. From Forbes: ""We believe that acceleration in DSL net adds is being driven by faster migration of dial-up subscribers to broadband as a result of more aggressive pricing from the regional bells," CSFB said, citing $15 price points from" VZ and SBC with Yahoo. [And look for that from BST/Yahoo in 2006].

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