Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Data Backup

Just some thoughts on data backup. Storage solutions for SOHO and Personal use are getting cheaper and easier (see D-Link NAS). It seems that the backup market is really 2 markets: SOHO/Personal and Enterprise. RAD-INFO had Q&A calls with MSI about RemoteStor, which is a server-based, "big-iron" solution for an ISP NOC. Maybe that was too big for most ISPs. Then we had DataFort in for a Q&A, but the people at PCFort/DataFort fumbled the ball when one ISP tried to move forward. I hear good things about Connected, but can't get anyone to call me back. (Not a good sign). River City Internet Group has a solution for SOHO/Personal called e-backups (nice website). Sparebackup pays a one time referral fee for SOHO/P. Farstone has free trials of its RestoreIT Personal Disaster Recovery s/w. (Farstone had a booth @ ISPCON). Connected TLM was one of the first online backup services. There isn't a lack of options, but the most important pieces of backup are: upstream throughput and data retrieval (what good is a backup if you can't get the data afterwards).

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