Monday, October 24, 2005

Creativity... from Jeffrey Gitomer

Here are 3.5 tips that drive and inspire Jeffrey GITOMER'S creative process:

  1. BRAINS - The smarter you are, the easier it is to understand where ideas come from, and how to create the atmosphere to make them happen.
  2. ATTITUDE - Negative attitude blocks creative thoughts. Ever finish an argument with someone, five minutes later you think of what you could or should have said?
  3. The habit of OBSERVING - Looking at things and circumstances is one thing. Seeing an idea within them is another.

3.5. Your SELF BELIEF - In order for a greater amount of ideas to flow you must first believe you have the capability of creating one. From Jeffrey's best-selling book "The Little Red Book of Selling". Use creatvity to differentiate and dominate.Where does CREATIVITY come from? YOU BABY!

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