Thursday, October 27, 2005

AT&T gets Merger Approval

SBC will become AT&T post merger. The DOJ signed off on the merger today. The FCC votes on both mergers tomorrow. (I expect Martin will say okay and, btw, no conditions).

  • "The U.S. Justice Department said it would allow SBC's $16 billion deal and Verizon's $8.6 billion purchase after Verizon and SBC each agreed to give competitors access to telecommunications lines in more than 350 buildings that they serve around the country."
  • "The Justice Department attached some conditions to the mergers, requiring Verizon and SBC to divest some local fiber-optic network facilities in 19 metropolitan areas."
  • "Critics say the mergers will lead to fewer choices for consumers and higher prices, a claim both SBC and Verizon dispute."
  • "Verizon is keeping its name" (becuz MCI is bad news).

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