Tuesday, September 27, 2005


From Business 2.0 mag, "The cable industry is about to launch the latest salvo in its battle with the telecom giants. This month, two of the country’s largest cable providers -- their identities had yet to be revealed at press time -- will begin offering software from New York City’s TransMedia to broadband subscribers. The single Web-based application lets consumers share photos, video, music, documents, contacts, and e-mail via any browser. A few months later, TransMedia will embed the software in set-top boxes, says CEO Donald Leka, so customers will be able to handle all their computing needs from a TV set and ditch their PCs altogether." ___ This might be the way to go for the older market segment. Maybe WebTV & other net appliances were too early. Or maybe with virii, malware, spam, SPIT, etc. people are tired of computers. (Not that these devices - set-top boxes, cell phones, PBX, anything with an OS - won't be subject to similar disruptions.

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