Friday, April 29, 2005

Let's here it for MIMO

from an article in America's Network: "MIMO, which stands for "multiple-input, multipleoutput," leverages multi-path propagation, a characteristic of wireless networks that has traditionally been viewed as a negative. As Greg Raleigh, CEO of MIMO developer Airgo Networks, defines it, "MIMO is the simultaneous transmission of two or more signals over the air in the same channel at the same time with different data on different signals. MIMO has broken the rules about tradeoffs. We have pushed speed, coverage, and reliability all at the same time." Another MIMO advocate is Datacomm Research President Ira Brodsky. "MIMO is a really big deal, and hardly anybody gets it," Brodsky says. "The biggest development in wireless was when we went from analog to digital and then to CDMA. MIMO is as big as CDMA was, and maybe as big as going from analog to digital." "WiMAX, on the other hand, is still in search of a compelling business case and requires additional development work in billing and management systems before it can compete with cellular, Brodsky says. As for the handset issue, Brodsky points out that handset manufacturers are already beginning to put multiple antennas into their products as a means of improving performance helps maximize capacity."

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