Saturday, January 07, 2006

Acquisitions Closed: VZ-MCI and Talk-NT

  1. VZ closed its $8.5B purchase of MCI this week. MCI becomes Verizon Business. That means along with the 10K+ jobs lost at AT&T, there will be thousands of people getting pink slipped at VZ and/or MCI. In other acquisition news, Talk America completed its purchase of Network Telephone.
  2. NTC operates in the Southeast. "The NTC acquisition further gives Talk America assets in New Orleans and Jackson, Miss., where Talk America will decide whether to expand, Schwartz said. " NTC was involved last year in a 3-way with ITC and FDN, which eventuallt fell threw when ITC's stock dropped after completing its merger with BTI. FDN turned around and bought troubled Supra Telecom. With UNE-P ending in March, it will be a mad scramble for CLECs and more importantly CUSTOMERS!

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