Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blocked Content

Already hearing rumors of VOIP not working on VZ FiOS and BST prioritizing Vonage traffic so low on its Shasta (crap) boxes that the service is horrible. Meanwhile..... internet news reports:
FCC Chairman Warns of ISPs Blocking Access to Some Content Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is worried about mounting rumors of a proposed "two-tiered" broadband delivery system by the Baby Bells. Under the plan being quietly pushed in Congress by the Bells, broadband providers would be able to charge Internet companies, such as Yahoo, Google and Amazon, an extra fee to deliver high-bandwidth content and services to consumers.
The BOCs better be careful. If they mess with it too much, people may walk away from using it. People have a low tolerance to tech not working as advertised. Virii, malware, trojans, SPAM, now transport issues. That will encourage use. (BTW, once they start blocking VOIP, does that mean that the DCMA protection no longer applies? So any child porn across the network means they are liable too?)

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