Monday, October 03, 2005

Cable vs. VZ FiOS

From BBREPORT: According to DSLPrime's Dave Burstein however, the offerings are largely a public relations move while the cable industry buys time for upgrades.
"It's really 38 meg shared among 100 or so users, the same speed as the current services advertised at as 3 and 7 meg," says Burstein of Cox's new tier. "That's too much over-subscription to deliver 15 meg most of the time, if even 5 or 10 people are downloading on the node. To regularly get past today's 5 meg or so, you need to bond more channels, which is what DOCSIS 3.0 offers," he tells us.
Finally, telco passes cable's speed test. (But was it ever about speed for the masses, really?)

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